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The 284 total days of sunshine that Arizona receives annually present an abundance of solar energy to homes and businesses across the United States.

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Your home benefits from solar power. When you’re off the electric company’s grid, you have all that power harnessed from the sun for your own needs. Electric bills no longer become an issue since you’ll own your own means of generating electricity.



Solar power is available and encouraged for corporations, businesses, and other commercial establishments. Arizona has a high solar UV index, thus giving you more options for independent power. Call 520-661-8556 for a FREE consultation.



Our Dedicated Team of Solar Panel Pros are here for you when you need us! You have your own client portal with all of your documentation and a fast and easy way to commicate with us. Reach us by phone, email or your Client Portal.


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Olympus Solar is your go-to company for the latest in solar power technology. We deal in solar panels and solar items from brand-name companies like Panasonic, LG, SolarWorld, Silfab, Q Cells, and SolarEdge inverters. We started our company in 2012, but have 30 years of experience in the field.

We’re a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Solar adoption is skyrocketing, thanks to plummeting solar panel prices that enable homeowners to save money. For the first time, homeowners can control their electricity costs by going solar instead of being at the mercy of ever-rising utility rates. 


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With Solar spreading like wildfire and becoming a normal part of our daily life, more and more homeowners are wanting to learn how Solar can benefit them. Request your free estimate today.


At Olympus Solar INC. we understand that solar is not a one size fits all solution. Your home is special and needs to get special attention. 
We customize each system to meet your electric needs.


Your Solar Panel Pro has been trained in all facets of Solar and is prepared to help educate and assist you through the process of getting solar. Call us to find out why we are the Trusted Source For Solar informaiton.


Olympus Solar Inc. gives you the finest in solar power services. Our professional team will give you all the information available about how solar can benefit you and the environment, as well as save you money through tax credits.