Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit in Arizona

In addition to the state tax credit that Arizona offers, there is also a federal solar tax credit that you can capitalize on with the installation of a solar system. Although we are not a tax firm, the professionals at Olympus Solar can help set up the installation of a solar system that is up to the federal standards so that you can capitalize on the federal solar tax credit that you are entitled to. We want to make sure that we help you reap all the benefits that a quality solar system offers. That’s what makes us one of Arizona’s premier solar companies.

An Arizona Company Helping You Attain Your Solar Investment Tax Credit

If we determine that your home meets the following specifications, you’re qualified for the solar investment tax credit that the federal government offers. The federal solar tax credit requirement includes:

  • Solar Water Heaters
    • A minimum of half of the energy used by the property must come from the sun.
    • The system must meet the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation’s, or a government endorsed entity of similar stature, certification.
    • Water cannot be used for swimming pools or hot tubs.
  • Solar Panels
    • Your solar panels must provide your Arizona property with electricity.
    • They must comply with federal, state and local fire and electrical code requirements.

Federal Solar Tax Credit Benefits

If one of the professionals at Olympus Solar determines that your home meets the requirements put in place by the federal government, you’ve qualified for the solar investment tax credit. This qualification means that if your systems were installed by December 31, 2019, a taxpayer could claim up to 30 percent of expenditures of one residence owned and used by the taxpayer. If you don’t own your property, you cannot claim the federal solar tax credit.

Helping Arizona Capitalize on the Solar Investment Tax Credit

One of the reasons that we are a top solar company in Arizona is because of our ability to help our clients achieve the goals that they have for their properties. If you are at all interested by the thought of the solar investment tax credit that the federal government offers, we would be more than happy to help transform your Arizona home into a structure that allows you to claim that.

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If the thought of the federal solar tax credit interests you, feel free to contact us for a free, no pressure consultation. We look forward to working on a solar system for your Arizona home or business!

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